EZ Lok Insert Versus Replacing the Table Shaft

By | October 6, 2017
Image of 5 EZ Lok Inserts

5-pack of EZ Lok Inserts

Why should I change my EZ lok inserts on a regular basis?

What intervals should they changed at?  

These two questions are easy to answer.  First off why should I change the insert?  There are lots of contaminates with your metal, dust, and debris that gets into the insert and table area.  Also with the coolant and water concentrate being used, there is more reason to change the insert sooner.  The inserts have a red coating of Loctite on the external thread to keep the insert in place.  When removing the insert it may be helpful to use a small amount of heat from a small or mini butane torch to release the thread lock.  Using the tool supplied with the machine 794-8637-45, it should be easier to remove the insert counterclockwise.

The intervals that the insert should be changed at is either once per month or every 50 flywheels.  This would make it easier to remember when to change them.

Now I will get into the table shaft replacement.  So you stripped out the threads on the insert or your maintenance man welded a stud to the insert so he could get the insert out and it still won’t come out.  Well, there is a fix for that.  REPLACE the shaft.  I will sum up shaft replacement.  The heavy table is held on with 4 bolts, they need to be removed.  The table will lift off, but it will take 2 people to lift that off being careful not to drop or distort the table, (it’s been done).

Drain the oil out and discard the contaminated oil.  Release the bottom set screw on the table shaft using an Allen wrench through the provided hole in the gearbox just below where the shaft enters the gearbox. Remove the table shaft from the housing, by pulling up on the shaft.  Once you get the shaft out, it is time for replacing.  You will need to replace the seal that the shaft goes through by removing the motor and gearbox from the bottom of the top casting. There is a  90 percent chance you nicked the seal with the keyway cutout on the end of the shaft when you removed the old shaft.

The new shaft will have the new bearings pressed on already at the factory.  Carefully replace shaft by aligning the key into the keyway slot in the gearbox housing. Be very careful when inserting the new shaft that you don’t nick the new seal. Once in place, you can add 2 quarts of oil and then replace the table.  Secure the table with the 4 mounting bolts.  Now add the remaining partial quart of oil and be sure to check your oil level with the dipstick.  Also, don’t forget to refill your site jar in the back.


Not only is a shaft replacement a bit of a pain to do, the cost of it in parts, downtime, and your time doing the work is far more than simply replacing the inserts on a regular basis so then your table shaft would be fine for a lifetime. Basic regular maintenance is required to keep your machine operating at optimal performance.  Please check your manual for more maintenance information.  If you don’t have a manual then visit The Kwik-Way Manual Downloads Section for a free download of the most current manual. Also, keep in your memory bank that we occasionally update the manual with other service and maintenance information so check back every now and then for any updated versions. Each manual has a revision number printed on the cover.

For replacement EZ Lok Inserts use part number 794-8017-44 for a single or 794-8017-45 for the pack of 5.  Only found at Irontite Products 800-553-5953.

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