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Flywheel Replacement?

When you service your clutch it is the time to consider if you need a Flywheel Replacement or to resurface your flywheel. Or even whether resurfacing is even an option. Can you fix it or do you have to scrap it? Flywheel Grinding Did you know that Dual Mass Flywheels should never be resurfaced? The… Read More »

What You Need To Know When Buying a Flywheel Grinder

The FG5000 is designed for maximum rigidity. This assures minimum deflection resulting in rapid material removal, excellent finish, decreased stone wear, and also prolongs the life of the machine. These specifications are extremely important when selling against competitive machines which are priced lower. For example, the FG5000 is only available with a 5 hp grinding… Read More »

Grinding Stone Tips

Getting the Best Performance From Your Flywheel Grinding Stones Here are some useful tips for getting optimal performance and life from all your flywheel grinding stones. Always Keep Your Coolant Concentrate to Water Ratio Accurate. The Coolant you use is there to not only keep your work from distortion caused by heat. It also removes… Read More »