FG5000 Flywheel Grinder: An Industry Leader in Performance

By | November 13, 2019

Workplace injuries cost businesses one billion dollars a week. Companies spend millions of dollars on safety training, personal protective equipment and more. Do you pay attention to your equipment design?

Do you have the simplest to use, time-tested, easily maintained flywheel grinder on the market? Poorly trained operators and improperly maintained machinery are often cited by OSHA. Why not choose a grinding machine with an uncomplicated interface?

Flywheel grinding is one of the most lucrative services in any shop. A machine with a trained operator grinds a flywheel in around three minutes. 

Read on to learn about the FG5000 Flywheel Grinder.

Who Needs a Flywheel Grinder?

Are you a machine shop, fleet shop, heavy-duty truck shop or re-builder? You need a flywheel grinder. The FG5000 Flywheel Grinder grinds flywheels up to 24″ diameter. The FG series of machines offer superior engineering for long service life– measured in decades!

Shops should consider the optional Heavy Duty Truck Brake Rotor Kit.  This opens an opportunity to repair commercial vehicle rotors, like those found on emergency vehicles, buses,  construction equipment, etc. It opens an additional avenue for you to pursue clients.

Replacement rotors for commercial vehicles are expensive and safe repair is desirable. The kit includes several different sized cones, These allow rotor grinding of the most popular sizes for all commercial vehicle makes and models.

Why Choose an FG5000?

Some of the things to look for in any industrial machine designed for safety are:

• Easy set-up
• Simple operation
• Easy maintenance
• Long life span

The Van Norman FG series is engineered to deliver. It boasts a one-minute, simple set-up with no fancy indicators, no guesswork and no “feeling around” to get it right. 

With optional PowerHead and AutoGrind features, you can reduce machine operator fatigue and accident exposure by removing the need to manually move the head up and down. AutoGrind allows you to preset the head to grind to a certain depth.

Easy to Maintain for Decades of Service

The FG5000 Flywheel Grinder is built with an 18″ table resting on a bath of oil. This is supported by a heavy cast bearing. The table moves on this bearing to prevent deflection due to the size of the flywheel, downward pressure or weight. 

The table maintains a constant level of oil with its Opto-Matic oiler.  The table engineering eliminates downward or sideways pressure on the turntable spindle or bearings. A very simple design that leads to virtually no wear and an extremely long life span.

This allows your operators to grind close tolerances without fear of costly breakdowns or lengthy maintenance. Chrome and precision grinding ensure long column life. A felt wick inside the mounting flange keeps it lubricated.

A tough rubber boot protects the column from grinding dust, coolant and debris. The leadscrew in the column provides direct drive of the grinding head for the smooth operation of the flywheel grinder. The leadscrew nut allows for any needed adjustments during the machine lifetime.

The steel shroud is quickly and easily taken on and off for ease of access and the highest level of safety while grinding. There are direct safety benefits to keeping the overspray and debris contained and the shop area clean.

Heavy Cast Base Means Your FG5000 Is Built to Last

“Play” and deflection are trouble for a flywheel grinder. Operators have to make up for them, often by taking chances or using too much manual pressure which could lead to an exploding grinding stone. The FG5000 is made to last. The cast base weighs in at 480 lbs providing vibration-killing stability.

The column mounting flange with heavy support gussets is an integral cast for strength and stability. To avoid misalignment and ensure accuracy, the gussets and all the base casting machining is completed in a single set-up. 

The proprietary Van Norman direct drive gear reduction unit provides maximum service life.  A rugged 1/4 horsepower motor tackles the need for consistent table torque.  Direct drive eliminates chains and belts that need lubrication, adjustments or replacements and adds to vibration while grinding.

Why is the FG5000 Good for Your Shop?

Making money isn’t just about reducing the cost of maintenance and accident insurance. It’s about choosing the best built and most versatile flywheel grinder on the market.

The FG5000 Flywheel Grinder starts with a large menu of profitable services you can offer. Specialize in racing clutch components, for example. Grind domestic and import automotive stepped flywheels, truck flat and stepped flywheels and center plates, too. No more sending parts out causing delays!

It comes standard with a complete kit to grind for passenger cars, light, and heavy-duty trucks.

  • 3 centering cone bolts
  • 6 centering cones
  • 4″wheel mounting flange
  • 6″ wheel mounting flange
  • 3 grinding wheels
  • coolant pump with additive
  • table lubricant
  • Flange adapters (3″ to 5.875″)
  • 4 wheel mounting bolts
  • wheel spacer
  • leveling bolts and pads
  • star dresser, wrenches and more

The FG5000 is available as 208v, 230v, 460v, 60Hz in single or three-phase. If you need 50Hz, there are several versions. 

With the optional  HD Truck Rotor Kit, you can add service for search and rescue vehicles, fire trucks, tow trucks, large commercial vehicles and more. 

The table can accommodate flywheels up to 24″ in diameter. You can even consider having other shops send their parts to you. A typical shop grinds up to 10 flywheels a month. Your FG5000 can handle that number weekly, with ease.

Ready to Add a Flywheel Grinder to your Machine Shop?

There are just a few steps to get you the easiest to use and maintain flywheel grinder for your space. 

Determine Your Power Source

The FG5000 is available with a variety of power options. Choose the right one for your shop.

Determine Your Flywheel Grinding Volume

For shops that grind five or more flywheels per day or that have need for a slightly larger grinding surface, the larger FG10000 may be a better choice. 

Consider Extras

Add a powered column, preset automatic grinding depths or precision centering adapter set. Then add in the HD Truck Rotor Kit to expand your business opportunities for an even larger income stream.

Measure Your Space

The machine height is 69″. The table height is 34.6″. The width is 34.5″ and the depth back to front is 36″. The shipped weight is 1,500 lbs. Installed, the machine is 1,350 lbs. 

Contact Van Norman by Irontite to Order

Have questions or need to order? Use our form to contact us.  Van Norman Flywheel grinders are made in the U.S.A. Manufactured and assembled by Irontite Products Inc.

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