How to Center Flywheels on the Table

By | January 30, 2020

Do you struggle to get a flywheel mounted to the very center of your rotating table? You nudge and nudge it and nudge for what seems like forever and it never gets perfectly centered. I can feel your frustration coming through the screen as we talk about it.

Well, this is exactly why we engineered our Flywheel Centering Adapter set. We sought out the most common flywheel center holes and machined some collets that match and mate up to the center of the Van Norman Flywheel Grinder table. Now, if you have one of those common flywheels you just set a flange down, set a smaller diameter adapter over the center hole of your table and then plop down the correct collet for the flywheel you are going to grind. It locks into the adapter under it and now you put your flywheel down and it is perfectly centered on your table. Just add another adapter to cap it off and run your hold down bolt through to lock everything from moving. Presto, you are ready to cut!

Confused? Here is a more visual walkthrough of how it works.

As you normally would, select the correct flange adapter to fit the location where the flywheel bolts to the engine. Place it on the table. Select the appropriate HD Centering Adapter for the flywheel you are going to grind and select the next smaller HD Centering Adapter.

flange and small adapter
Flange and small adapter in place.

Place the smaller HD Centering Adapter and the flange on your table as shown above.
NOTE: The HD Centering Adapter will “lock” into the center hole of the table. You should not be able to slide it off the center hole of the table.

In the picture below are the adapters. The arrow pointing to the center (smaller) adapter will go down into the center hole of the table. Then the larger adapter will go on top of it also locking into the center.

Flywheel Collets
Stacking Flywheel Centering Collet Adapters.

It’s OK if the adapter doesn’t stick all the way through the flywheel. It just has to grab the center. To make this happen you may have to use a thinner flange adapter OR perhaps an additional HD Centering Adapter. Every flywheel is a little different so you will need to find the combination that works.

You can also use any of the shorter hold-down bolts that came with your
flywheel grinder if they work better for the particular flywheel you are

Flywheel Sitting on Collet Adapter
Flywheel placed on centering collet and flange.

Now take one or more centering cones to cover the opening and allow the centering hold-down bolt to apply downward clamping force on the flywheel. You’ll notice in our image below we flipped the centering cone over from how it would have normally been used. That’s because the flywheel is already centered, we just need to hold it down at this point. And the bottom cone must be larger than the flywheel opening to apply the correct downward force.

Inverted Cone Adapter to Hold
Bolt & Inverted Cone Adapter

To Summarize the Process

  1. Place the correct flange adapter on the table. (standard equipment that comes with your flywheel grinder.)
  2. Place a centering adapter that is not for your particular flywheel into the table center hole.
  3. Place the flywheel with the correct size centering adapter on top of the flange and lock the centering adapter into the center
    indentation of the centering adapter that is below which is already locked into the table.
  4. Place one OR more centering cones over flywheel center opening and tighten with a Hold-down bolt. This is only to apply downward force to lock the flywheel and centering collets all in place and has no part in centering anything. (The cones and hold-down bolts are standard equipment with your Flywheel Grinder.)

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