Make your Flywheel Grinder last a lifetime

By | October 20, 2021

You’ve invested money, time, and energy to get a flywheel grinder working in your shop. And if you are like most people you are glad you did because it is doing the work, saving you time, and even creating more business.  All that adds up to some nice profits for your business. 

Get some good habits in place

As you know, grinding flywheels is a rather dirty business. But it doesn’t have to be. There are just a few simple things that need to be done on a regular basis.  You should get in the habit of doing these things either right after or right before doing each and every job on the machine.

Flywheel grinding is messy, so clean as you go

Wipe down the machine after you are done. Especially clean the table surface. The coolant you are using is being circulated and it is carrying with it all kinds of debris.  The filter system in the grinder is getting the bulk of debris out of the mixture before pumping it back over your part and table, but it doesn’t get everything. So when you are done using the machine you need to wipe off all the splattered coolant mixture. The surfaces need to be clean and free of anything that might interfere with the flange adapters. Your work piece flatness depends on the table surface and the flange adapters. 

Keep your coolant clean and filled

Check your mixture level before every job. Keep a bucket of pre-mixed coolant nearby and top off the reservoir tank as needed. DO NOT pour the coolant mixture into the top of the machine. Pour it into the tank below directly. Pouring into the top can contaminate your table lubricant. A clean mixture will always work better at cutting so be mindful of how long it’s been since you last cleaned your mixture. Coolant concentrate comes in different “flavors”. Some are more “premium” than others.

Don’t let your hold down threads get bad

Change out the center threads when they get worn. Don’t wait for them to become really bad either. Remember, these are inserted with a red lock tight on them so you may have to use a little heat to free them up. Never use an easy-out type of tool and never try to redo the main center threads.  These are actually cut into the shaft and damage to them means replacing the shaft which is not a fun job.  

Regular Lubrication is important to maintain a long service-free life

An often neglected area for maintenance is the column leadscrew. Your machine came with a small bottle of leadscrew lubricant and about 2 or 4 times a year you should be using a bit of that lubricant on your leadscrew.  It is also a very good idea to run your machine column all the way up and back down once in a while.  Make this part of this routine we have been discussing. Before starting a grinding process, just run the column all the way to the top and then back into position. This action helps to spread the leadscrew lubricant making it last longer.

Wipe it down often

Be sure to check the work piece for any dirt or debris before you place it down on the flange adapter and ensure the adapter is also clean and free of debris. Grinding flywheels are easy and offer a great profit center for your shop. The flywheel and the grinding of flywheels will be around for a long time to time. Taking these few extra steps will prevent you from needing to call support to help with repairs to your machine. And will keep your machine cutting performance grade flat and beautiful surfaces.