How to Change Out the E-Z Lock Insert

Van Norman Flywheel Grinders have a Threaded Insert in the middle of the Grinding Table. This is intended to be changed out every so often to keep the hold-down threads in good shape over time.  It's normally very easy to change these inserts, but if left in too long they can become much more difficult of a problem to remove the old insert.  These instructions and images below should help you if you are struggling to get your E-Z Lock Insert removed from the grinding table.

The images below will show the location of the E-Z Lock with the Table Top removed. (NOTE: It is NOT always necessary to remove the table top when removing and inserting a new E-Z Lock.)

The E-Z Lock Removal Tool is included with your Flywheel Grinder to assist with inserting a new E-Z Lok and with removing a worn E-Z Lok. You’ll notice from the photo below that the E-Z Lok is coated with a red material. This material will effectively “Glue” the E-Z Lok threads into place.

Below, you see the E-Z Lok tool provided with your flywheel grinder.  It is specially designed to grip the inside of the E-Z Lok insert so that you can tighten or loosen it.

If you have difficulty breaking an old E-Z Lock free to remove it, use a Butane or Acetylene torch to heat the area around the outside where the arrow in the photo below indicates.  This will release the red glue-like materials grip and allow you to easily remove the old E-Z Lock.  We recommend removing the tabletop as is shown in the photo.  It lifts straight up off the spindle after removing the 4 Allen bolts that attach it to the spindle.  Because this tabletop rides on a bath of oil there will be some suction that you must break to get the top off. The top is quite heavy as well (about 90 lbs.).  A wood block and pry bar may be used to help break the vapor lock.  Work carefully and lift it straight up. In some cases, the shaft inside the table may be rusted slightly and need to be broken. The best method would be to use an appropriate-sized impact socket to fit down in the center so you can use a dead blow hammer on it as you pry up on the table.  This should break the rusts hold on the shaft and allow you to lift the table off the shaft without harming the lower gearbox connections.

Do not overheat.  Be cautious using a flame near the table lubricant.  And allow cooling fully before inserting a new E-Z Lock.

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